George’s Great British Kitchen (Review)

Today (27/11/2016) myself and Nicky went to George’s Great British Kitchen with the two kids and also Nicky’s Aunt and Uncle. We decided we would visit the restaurant since a lot of people were saying how good it was. Sunday in Newcastle is so busy! So we decided to pop in and book a table, on arrival a gentleman welcomed us and got a waitress to take us to our table, the table was located just from the bar and close to door of the kitchen.

menuWe sat down and I ordered a bottle of coke (sadly without Jack Daniels), we also ordered our food. I ordered the Steak and Red Wine Pie and swapped my normal chips for sweet potato at an extra charge of £1.50. I love steak pie and also can be very critical on them so I thought this would be a great one to review over. I do want to point out at this time it took 20 – 30 minutes to order drink and even then I had to go and ask a member of staff to order my food, this was very disappointing as waiting almost half an hour to order food even at a busy time is poor.

The staff however slow were very polite and even for children you got great gifts, children under 8 got a bucket and spade to keep to go to the beach with (I don’t know anywhere elskids-presentse that does it).

In addition to the bucket and spade when you got the children’s menu you also got a sticker, balloon, crayons and a hat/colouring picture. I did find the place great for the kids with these added extras something not many places would do.

The food again took a while after waiting 20-30 minutes to order food it took another 20-30 minutes for the food to come, on arrival it looked great and smelt amazing. The presentation I thought was poor if I’m honest just pie on one plate and chips thrown on the tray with some gravy on what looks like a prison tray.

jordans-pieThe pie may look in the picture like apple crumble but it is in fact a steak pie, I tasted the filling first and oh boy it was good. The flavours of the pie were unbelievable one of the best pie fillings I have had! I then tried the pastry around the pie and I must say was not the best, very very hard however the bottom was a lot better. If I could change the pie I would have added puff pastry as I find pies with puff pastry a lot better. The chips and gravy were great however I love onion gravy and this was one of the best I have had, I love sweet potato chips and these were beautiful.

The main course had its good points however also had bad point for the main course I’djordans-dessert rate it a solid 7/10 if the presentation and pie pastry was better it’d have been a straight 10. Next it was dessert time and I love deserts, there were several choices however I seen and had to have The Warm Gooey Chocolate Orange Tart. The sound of Orange Chocolate and gooey is just amazing, thankfully the dessert was a little bit quicker it took around 10-15 minutes. The presentation was a lot better however unlike the pictures I have seen of this dessert mine never came with a mint leaf on top. I could not wait to dig in my first spoonful was amazing however not very gooey and it did say gooey. The Ice cream was vanilla and was fantastic, the pastry on the tart was a lot better than the pastry on the pie and the dessert was good just not as it was described in terms of gooey. I will rate the dessert a 8/10 simply the advertised product did not arrive.

The bill for the meal itself 4 adults and 1 child came up to £79.30, below I have put the receipt. I find the cost of the food was reasonable considering that’s four adults and 1 child but two adults never had dessert.

billMy overall opinion on George’s Great British Kitchen for todays meal is that the staff I found were rushed and several times knocked into our table walking past, the waiting times for food and making our order was highly poor too. However the food was good not amazing but better than some places and the place is great when it comes to children which is a big thing for everyone, also the place has a baby changing area which is a big bonus.

I will rate this meal and experience at 6/10 all together and I feel if they can sort out the waiting time to order and the staff don’t rush about as much the rating could go up to a 8 or 9 out of 10.

I hope you have enjoyed this review please if you have been to George’s Great British Kitchen please tell me what you thought. Go check out the website and menus HERE.