How I could save £931.06 on shopping each year.

pexels-photo-236910I have decided to do a shop in Aldi and Home Bargains which are rather near to each other to see if I can do a big shop and come in cheaper than a typical shop at Tesco. I will also be including Nicky’s (My partner) colleague discount into the Tesco shop to see if shopping elsewhere even when you’re employed by Tesco is a better option.

tescoWhen doing a typical shop in Tesco for everything it would come up to roughly £100.00 the reason I shop in Tesco is I like to go to one shop and the discount. Just up the road from Tesco there’s Aldi and Home Bargains so I thought I’d do a shop in both of these shops giving myself a limit of £100.00 to see what I can get, I will then go on the Tesco App and order the same or Tesco versions of products to see if there’s a margin in the price. Aldi Logo

Firstly, when I shop at Tesco I normally buy the ‘Finest’ range therefore I’ll be getting Aldi’s version being the ‘Specially Selected’ range. Obviously some products bought in 1 shop will not be stocked in another. Therefore, I’ve chosen a product which is the same just another brand close to the price and size I paid for.

First of what I spent;

Aldi – I spent £63.08

Home bargains – £22.70

Total added up – £85.78 (Coming under my £100.00 budget by £14.22)

(Pictures of the receipts can be found below)HB

So in Aldi I spent money on mostly food and the most expensive item being a Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak costing £4.75. Then in home bargains the main things I bought were household items such as cleaning equipment and fizzy drink including Pepsi, the most expensive items bought were Belvita Soft bakes which costs £1.49.

So when it came to doing Tesco shop we shopped for everything on both lists and included any discounts Tesco was offering. If I could not find an Item or an item exactly the same in Tesco I have just kept the price of that item as it was.

Total Spent in Tesco (excluding Staff Discount) – £121.59 (That’s £21.59 over my £100.00 budget)

Total Spent in Tesco (Including Staff Discount) – £109.43 (Even with discount over my £100.00 budget by £9.43)

Now when we subtract the money spent in Aldi and Home Bargains from the totals in Tesco we get how much we saved shopping in other shops.

Total Saved (Excluding Staff Discount) – £35.81 (That’s my mobile monthly fee)

Total Saved (Including Staff Discount) – £23.65 (I could get a few bottles of prosecco with £23.65 to celebrate saving… but wait I’d have not saved anything… Oh well who wants a glass?)

pexels-photo-506889In doing this little experiment I have seen a huge place for saving if this was a fortnightly shop and I was saving £35.81 every two weeks in a years time I would have saved £931.06… That’s £35.81 saving every two weeks, just think of what £931.06 could be spent on? Put towards Christmas presents, a family holiday even put into savings for a mortgage. Why would you want to give a supermarket like TESCO £931.06 more a year because you don’t shop around?

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you want more blogs such as saving money when doing food shops or tips on saving money with food let me know. Please find below the receipts from both the Aldi Shop and Home Bargain Shops.





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